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Just Grow! Healthy Ireland CYPSC Project

Waterford CYPSC had an action focusing on Health and Wellbeing in the Children and Young Peoples Plan under the Community Based Adolescent Sub Group. The sub group held an interagency meeting in GIY, Grow It Yourself, HQ in May 2017 which involved agencies involved with CYPSC and GIY.

The subgroup then held planning meetings over the summer months and put in an application to the Healthy Ireland Fund for work in Waterford. Foróige applied as the lead agency to deliver the programme with the support of the sub group and Waterford CYPSC.

The aim of the action was to connect with families and provide them with an opportunity to participate in a health and well-being programme. The programme used a plant box and starter kit with seeds and instructions to enable participants to start growing.

In order to get a plant box family members were encouraged to register and attend workshop/s which would build on the experience of growing food and eating together and linking this with food, nutrition, eating and well-being.

The target group was families, recognising the diversity of family structures in the community and paying particular attention to and including families who may have fewer opportunities and/ or greater health risks in relation to nutrition.

Funding was granted and the project started in November ’17 when funding was drawn down and a Co-ordinator was appointed.

The Co-ordinator liaised with GIY, Treo Port Láirge for the plant boxes and many agencies supporting families in Waterford city and county to advertise the programme.

Programme plan

  • GIY provided Facilitators for 12 growing workshops and cookery demonstrations.
  • 100 Grow Kits – tools, seeds, compost, growing guide and also recipes from cooking workshops.
  • Sessions in Waterford City and Dungarvan using GIY HQ, Youth Service Premises and the Tannery
  • Extensive co-ordination, planning and logistics were required.

Numbers who benefited from the Action

  • 15 families from Waterford County attended sessions in Dungarvan – 30 people
  • 45 families from Waterford City – 68 people
  • 23 families through Home School Community Liaison Team
  • 17 Syrian families – 23 people
  • Total 100 families engaged in the programme – 142 people
  • Parents, grandparents and children as young as 2!

The project was much more far reaching than was envisaged at the planning stage and we reached lots of new communities in Waterford city and county. There is an appetite for more of this programme.

Seed has been sown for many families who have engaged – additional funding would allow for more families to take part and to support them to continue to make home grown healthy choices. Thanks to Aileen for this update and Co-ordination of the Action.